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    Growth enabler 

    CITA invests as a minority shareholder alongside a management team, to support corporate projects.

    The quality of the team, as well as the quality of the project, are prerequisites to our investment. We consider our relationship with entrepreneurs as a medium-long term partnership, based on a common development project, the respect of professional ethics, shared values such as loyalty and confidentiality and proper environmental, social and governance practices.

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    Venture capital and growth capital

    CITA interventions are diversified, depending on the needs and the development stage of the project :

    • Venture capital, for young and growing companies.

    • Growth capital for more mature companies, seeking financial investors to support their development plans.

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    A large range of sectors
    and invested amounts

    CITA has no privileged sector, the main criteria of investment being the quality of the management team and the project.

    In the past, CITA team invested in perfumes, bottling machines, printing, logistics, price comparison on internet, interactive TV. Amounts invested vary from less than € 1 million (venture capital) to € 15 million.

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    A permanent focus
    on return on investment

    CITA is constantly focused on value creation for its shareholders,
    through a pragmatic and flexible approach to investments and a constant dialogue with CEO’s.

    It also promotes social, environmental and proper governance values.